Coaching BoardRooms

Ideal for small business owners who work in isolation, your Coaching BoardRoom is your space and your time to think differently and learn freely.

The Coaching BoardRoom is a collaborative environment where you can share your ideas, goals or challenges and benefit from the collective knowledge of the group.  It is just like having your own boardroom and Coach but at an affordable price.

The Coaching BoardRoom comes with the benefits of a networking group coupled with the learning potential of a professional industry event.  Each meeting benefits from the expertise of being lead by a qualified First Train coach/developer.  The leader ensures that no rock is left unturned and that members are asked the following fortnight to update the group on what they have achieved. This is your chance to join a group that you can be accountable to.

The BoardRoom - Connecting people, Building business, Developing you.

Format of the Meeting

Each fortnight, at either breakfast or lunch, a couple of members share their ideas, goals or challenges with the group. The other members of the BoardRoom then suggest how they could support the one who shared. The sharer then follows-up outside the meeting and a relationship is established.

Building networks is about connecting and communicating. Through supporting an individual in the group, a connection starts and a relationship is created. The more you support others, the more willing people will be to support you.

Who should join?

This is ideal for small business owners and those exploring the idea of starting up their own business. You will be looking for support from like-minded professionals to develop a new way of connecting and achieving your ambitions.

Networking is all about what skills and qualities you bring to your BoardRoom. The best way to achieve your results is to actively contribute to your Circle; not just focussing on what you're going to get out of it. The other members in your BoardRoom will then reciprocate your goodwill. And that's how the BoardRoom starts to work.

The Secret of your BoardRoom

At First Train, we encourage you to treat your BoardRoom as your Executive Board: a group of people whom you can turn to and tap into their skills in order for you to realise your visions. Someone in your group has more than likely trodden the path, or knows someone who has trodden the path, that you want to head down.

What does it cost?

A six month Executiveship, 13 BoardRooms, is $550.
An annual Executiveship, 24 BoardRooms, is $845.

What next?

If you are interested in joining on of our BoardRooms, please contacct us and send us your details.


Our Clients

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