Traditional Coaching

What is Coaching

Coaching bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It helps you identify what those gaps are and how you can build that bridge.

With your own dedicated Coach, you will build your confidence by adding clarity to your situations. This will ensure that you then make the best decision to enable you to perform at your peak capacity.

Coaching treats people as a whole. Leadership coaching recognises that what could be happening personally may affect your performance professioanlly. This is why we don't talk about a Work/Life balance but encourage you to have a Life Balalnce.

First Train is so passionate in its belief that coaching is the future of professional development we require all our training providers to be qualified coaches. All our training providers also have their own external coach.

First Train's leading coach, Christopher Brooks, has over 18 years coaching experience. He qualified as a coach with Coach U Inc. and is an accredited member of the International Coaching federation.

How does Coaching benefit you?

We provide a confidential coaching service to business owners, executives and managers who wish to realise their goals. Whilst focussing on Leadership Coaching, aspects of your personal life may be explored in order for you to achieve your vision.

Coaching does not lead the coachee to an answer; coaching poses insightful and challenging questions to help you explore the many avenues open to you in order to set your own achievable goals. In the coaching relationship, it is vitally important for the coachee to keep ownership of their journey and vision. A good coach will not have their own agenda, but provide guidance and information when requested.

Having your own Coach also gives you someone to be accountable to and to encourage you in your professional and personal development. How you want to be held accountable will be discussed and agreed upon in your first coaching session.

In our vision of developing learning cultures within organisations, First Train encourages line-managers to take a coaching approach in managing their team members. Our Coaches are able to observe coaching sessions and then provide feedback to the manager on their coaching style. We also run coaching and feedback sessions for managers interested in developing their own coaching style.

What does it cost?

Our standard monthly coaching fee, which includes as many face-to-face meetings during the month as are required plus telephone and e-mail access to your coach in between meetings, is $1,100.

What next?

For your free one-on-one introductory coaching session, book time directly into Chris' diary using this link. Alternatively, please contact us or Chris directly on 0405 784071 or at [email protected].


Our Clients

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