Customer Service

  • What does the customer really want?
  • Avoiding the customer's disappointment
  • Making their experience unique

Selling Skills

  • Listening effectively to your customers and clients
  • Exceeding their expectation
  • Making them want you next time
  • Closing the sale

Time Management

  • Reduce procrastination on the same job
  • Effective systems for managing tasks
  • Increase production and decrease management of the job.

E-mail Management

  • Techniques for managing the Inbox and other folders
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Learning to love your e-mails and be in charge of them


  • The difference between assertiveness and arrogance
  • How to have belief in yourself
  • Dealing with passive and aggressive behaviour

Presentation Skills

  • How to deliver yourself
  • Use of aids and tools
  • Learn to present to the Board and the bored masses

Our Clients

We love working with a wide variety of clients to help develop, train and build.