Creating a Learning Culture

First Train is committed to establishing and driving forward the move from teaching environments to developing a learning culture within organisations.

A learning culture encourages the individual to drive their own development. The 2008 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey found that the top three answers to preferred learning style methods were in-house development programmes (55%), coaching by line-managers (53%) and on-the-job training (43%).

Learning cultures will be the way professional development needs to be delivered to your individual staff members and teams. First Train can equip you now for the demand that's emerging for self-centred learning and ensure you're one of the first teams across the line. Leaders in professional development attract the best new employees and help keep existing staff motivated.

Ultimately, learning cultures will render First Train redundant but our belief in progressing people towards their goals even over-powers our own need for survival. We will learn to adapt to our changing culture as we help you learn to adapt to your team's expectations.

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