What are RSS Feeds and how do they work?

2 January 2013 07:46
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If you just want to get stuck in, then click on the RSS button to the right (where it says "Subscribe to our feed") and off you go. Otherwise, read on a little further.

What are RSS Feeds?
RSS feeds are a quick and easy way to collate all your news articles in one place and see what you want to read and easily ignore the ones that don't interest you. This is great if you like your news balanced from different sources but you want to reduce the amount of time going to search on various sites or apps and work out what news you haven't read yet.

RSS feeds push the headline and opening paragraph through to your "Reader" whenever they post a new article and you can choose to either open it or move on to the next article.

How do RSS Feeds work?
To subscribe to a feed, it's best not to be using the web browser Google Chrome. Other web browsers make it a lot simpler to subscribe to RSS feeds. The first step is to choose your "Reader". Some of the ones around are Feedly, Bloglines, My Yahoo!, and various mobile app ones too.

There are many blogs about which reader you should use for your particular need. A simple way to see what's available is to click on the symbol to the right and see what comes up as available.

What can I read?
Once you have decided on your reader, then sign up and start aggregating! When you visit a site, say the BBC News for example, then, as long as you aren't using Chrome, simply click on the RSS button at the top of the page and you will start receiving news items into your chosen Reader. You may have to go hunting on some sites to find their RSS button!

Some sites will also allow you to subscribe to different strains of feeds. For example, on the ABC News website, you can subscribe to news from a particular state, and/or the national news as well as international news, sport and specific interests too.

How does First Train use RSS Feeds?
First Train uses our "First Train - News & Views" page in order to provide commentary and updates on leadership issues that are in the news or that are important to us. If you have subscribed to our RSS feed, then you will receive the article in your Reader almost immediately.

We still send out an e-newsletter which you can receive by Joining our Mailing List. The e-news will provide a synopsis of the articles we put on our "News and Views" site plus any additional or time sensitive information to do with Learning and Development.

Enjoy your quicker and easier digest of news and we look forward to supporting all your learning needs.

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