We spend over 1,842 hours a year at work. If you don't enjoy work, then what are you waiting for?

6 July 2018 05:38

In a waking week of 112 hours, we spend a minimum of 37.5 hours at work, about 10 hours commuting to and from work and 5 hours at home in the morning getting ready for work. That leaves a maximum of 27.5 hours during the week (5.5 hours a day) and 32 hours at the week-end (16 hours a day) to do with as you please.

So if you're not enjoying those 52.5 hours a week at work or, even worse, dreading them to the detriment of your health, then what price are you putting on your valuable time?

I went to Antarctica for a significant birthday in 2014. I met many people on the voyage, which also took in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, who had waited until they retired to do the trip. Of course, I only met those who were able to do the trip. How many other people were there who were waiting for retirement and then didn't get to do it?

Despite the cynics, it is possible to enjoy work and enjoy life now. The trick is working out what's important to you. But it is your choice.

How your Coach can help you

If you're living from one holiday to another but not enjoying the majority of time in between, then have you thought about engaging someone to help you enjoy work?

This is what coaching can do for you: help you have the life at work that you want.

Dealing with difficult colleagues

The most common problem that people have in the workplace is to do with the people that they work for. Alas, everybody has to work for somebody - from the Chair of the Board who works for the members through to the small business owner who works for their customers.

Coaching will give you the confidence to have those difficult discussions with your superiors to ensure that your day-to-day work is more bearable.

Dealing with your workload

The next most common problem that people face in the workplace is dealing with competing priorities. We often have to pick our battles and realise what we can and cannot control.

Quite often we get tasks allocated to us with a deadline already attached which we cannot control. This can range from an external body (regulator, government, etc), to a late request from a boss who has had information requested by the Board for their next meeting.

It often feels overwhelming, but with some simple communication about the competing priorities with your coach, you will be able to clear the way forward to making everything achievable.

Other people's psychology

Remember, everybody else thinks that their work is the most important in the organisation. They also think that their job is the hardest in the organisation and unable to be done by anyone else, whilst simultaneously thinking that everyone else's job is easy and that anybody can do it!

Coaching can give you the professional support to deal with whatever work throws at you. It also makes you realise that you're not alone, nor the first person, to go through a scenario. The majority of my time is spent ensuring that people are getting the most out of their professional life.

My trip to Antarctica was the most amazing experience of my life to date. I still have time to do it again. But if I don't get chance, then I will still be content.

Don't wait for tomorrow to be content. Ditch the work/life balance and simply aim for a sustainable Life Balance in order to be content today and into the future.


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