Too Busy? - Rubbish!

17 January 2018 02:51

The start of a new year is always a good time to look forward to what we want to get done throughout the year. But how often do you look back at the year just gone and work out why you didn't get stuff done that you wanted to?

One of the two statements that we do not accept from any of our clients at First Train is "I was too busy". 

It has become an overused phrase by practically everybody in society. Yes, the world we live in is more connected than ever; with more activities expected to be crammed into no more time than we had 20 years ago; with companies focussing on the bottom line return to shareholders so they are always, it seems, reducing staff costs to get the quickest return.

So everybody, well almost everybody, when asked, "How are you?" reply, "Oh, I'm very busy!" But what does that mean?

Well, we're not so busy that when we get a call from the school to say that little Chris has been kicked in the mouth in the playground and has to go to the doctors to get stitches (true story - this happened to me) that you don't drop everything to be with your child. Or when you're at work and you get the phone call to say that one of your parents has been taken unwell and you're needed at the hospital, you don't not go. 

You see, how busy you are depends entirely on the level of priority that you put on something in your life. We like to think that we're busy until something more important comes along. Here's a good research article about why we shouldn't use the word "busy".

So basically, "busy" is a state within which we choose to live in or not. And the way you choose not to live in it is by changing the way you think of life.

About 12 years ago, I chose to stop using the word busy. I became conscious that I used it to feel I had a purpose, a sense of importance in the work that I was doing, like I had to prove, even to friends, that I was a competent human being. And the consequence of saying that I was busy? Well, it meant that I didn't appreciate what I had around me, my mind wasn't free to think about things, I wasn't taking time to read, and I was "too busy" to follow my passions.

I now sail competitively, play the organ professionally, as well as look after clients by helping them get the right life balance along with creating more time for them to knock all their goals on the head.

So, our challenge to you: stop using the word "busy" and be more creative with your language.

By Christopher Brooks,
Leadership & Learning Director

P.S. The other statement that we don't let clients get away with is "I don't know". Yes you do; you just haven't been asked the right question yet! But that's a whole other Blog post . . .


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