The Power of Love - A Challenge to Leaders

21 May 2018 08:04
Even if you didn't watch it, you would probably have seen some comments on social media about Saturday's wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
What seems to have created most chatter was Bishop Michael Curry's address (sermon) during the service. Whether you liked it or not, what has been interesting is the reaction to it. It has been polarizing - people loved it or people loathed it.

The Challenge

On Saturday, Bishop Michael expressly challenged us to "imagine business and commerce when love is the way" after explaining that love is more than just romantic love; it's when people care.
Real power is love and redemptive love has the power to transform. Imagine what that could do for your workplace!
From a leadership perspective, it begs the question how people and organisations change. The simple answer about how organisations change is by the collective attitude of each of its leaders. How do we then, as leaders, change our individual attitude?
Bishop Michael's address about the power of love definitely challenged all who heard it. And I would argue that it enriched those who listened to it.

The Change

Some may have been turned off the address by the tone of voice that it was delivered in; the unorthodox way it was delivered; the wide range in speaking volume; the unfamiliar language; the uncomfortable subject; not knowing who the speaker was; the length of it. Basically, it was the unexpected that stopped some people from listening. 

Bishop Michael's message required a discipline in listening. The difference between the two is that hearing is passive and listening is active. We hear so much these days that we consider most things to be noise, so much so that we can miss the beautiful sounds that are around us every day.
In light of the above, leaders need to be aware how they deliver their message including, most importantly, considering the audience they are delivering it to.
Moreover though, effective leaders need to be good listeners. It's a sign of a leader with high EQ. That means listening to people who disagree with you; listening to people who you don't understand; listening to people who are different from you. 

The Future

Listening is the only way to become an evolutionary leader. Diversity around the board table, around the business owner, around the decision maker, makes for better decisions.
People who do not want to change their behaviour, will not let themselves be challenged and will not listen to new ways of doing things. And that leadership style is not sustainable. 
A strong leader will never fear contradiction but invite it. A strong leader will never be afraid to change their mind for the better good. Leaders need to adapt and change. They need to be challenged to ensure that their way is the best way. Only then will the right decision be made.

The Solution

Who challenges your thinking? Who changes your mind? Who encourages you to be the best that you can.
This is the power of coaching. This is how real change happens and how culture is changed for the better good.
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Christopher Brooks
Director, Leadership & Learning

P.S. For what it's worth, personally, I thought Bishop Michael's Address was utterly brilliant. It challenged my way of hearing a familiar message, moved me to think about things differently and hopefully will change my behaviour.

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