The Queen: Leadership Tips

9 November 2010 10:46
How Do You Lead Your Team?

Queen Elizabeth II has had a weekly meeting with her Prime Ministers every week since 1952.  Why does she do it?

One of the key Leadership attributes is to know what is going on in your team.  As a leader, whatever happens within the portfolio that you have responsibility for should not come as a surprise.

This means that you have to have "regular" catch-ups with each member of your team.  If you only meet with them when something goes wrong, then it means you're abdicating responsibility, not delegating.

How to Develop a Culture of Openness and Discussion
At the very minimum, and at whatever level you're at, you should be meeting with your individual team members at least every month.  Ironically, the busier you are the more frequent your "catch-ups" need to be (just look at The Queen and her Prime Ministers).

These meetings have to be at a set time each week and, to show your team how important they are, you can not reschedule more than 10% of them.

You can empower the team member to come prepared by getting them to set the agenda.  This can be as simple as a list of topics to be discussed.  You also need to be prepared but let them lead the meeting - you'll learn a lot more.  If feedback on a particular subject is not required immediately, then make a note of it to talk about in your next catch-up.  And remember to thank them for their work.

We have a phrase at First Train - "If you plan for the expected, you'll be prepared for the unexpected."

Planning for the Expected
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