The 3 S's to being a Successful Leader

21 August 2008 09:48
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What is Leadership though?  By definition, a leader needs to have followers.  It's no use being a shepherd if you have no sheep.

So does being the boss mean that you are automatically a leader?  Or do you sometimes feel like not following your boss?

The key to successful leadership advocated by First Train is three fold: Support | Succession | Strategy - Team Supporter; Succession Planner and Strategic Planner

Firstly, Our Leader is only as good as the team they lead;  a team that Our Leader trusts to be autonomous and self-sufficient.  The role of Our Leader within the team is all to do with the P.E.A.S. - Positive Encouragement, Acknowledgement and Support.  How a boss manages this will determine how effective they will be at the next two steps of Leadership.

So, secondly, when the first attribute is starting to run smoothly, Our Leader needs to start thinking about their team's Succession Planning.  This is vitally important to ensure the smooth transition when people move on.

Have you ever wondered why good leaders have a high turn-over in their team?  It's because they invest in their teams development and know that as one person flourishes and moves on there's another equally capable person waiting in the wings to take over.  Good leaders attract good teams as they become known for their P.E.A.S..  

And finally, with the team taken care of, both now and in the future, Our Leader can focus on the Strategic Planning for the business.  You'll know that you are a Leader when you can sit in the driver's seat of the engine carriage content in the knowledge that your team is playing their part in keeping the train moving forward.

Our Leaders create time for themselves to think strategically about their business and where they want to drive it.  They create alliances and collaborate in order to learn and stay ahead of their competition.

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