Recession-Proofing Your Leadership

22 May 2009 10:00
Good Morning,
Learning from Nature - Leadership Tips by Snails, Toads & Foxes
And welcome to Leadership Development with First Train.
In the current economic turmoil, it pays to take a step back to see what we can learn from the world around us.
In recent weeks it has been proved that the "snails pace" is becoming even slower for the snail.  Evolution is slowing the metabolism of snails down so they can become stronger, bigger and more reproductive. (See link below.)
Quite the opposite is happening with the cane toads in Queensland though.  They are growing too big too quickly and have now started to develop spinal arthritis.  This means that they are literally de-evolving and may even kill themselves off. (See link below.)
And to stay active now and right into old age, the cunningness of the fox would set us in good stead.  Researchers have concluded that the best way we can out fox Alzheimer's Disease is to build up our cognitive reserves by continually learning, staying inquisitive and to keep using our brains. (See link below.)
So where's your evolution taking you?  Are you the toad, the snail or the fox?  How in control are you of your Leadership?
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I look forward to hearing from you.
P.S. Next time we'll be taking a look at creating a Creative Leadership Style.
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