Improve your brain by 5% in just 6 six weeks

15 October 2009 10:32
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Learning + Practice = Increased Brain Power
Welcome to a bright sunny week in Sydney for Leadership Coaching and Development with First Train.
What are you learning at the moment?  Do you remember how to ride a bicycle even if you haven't been on one for years?  Can you still play chopsticks on a piano?
Research released this week proves that the process of learning a new skill increases the conversion of grey brain cells to white cells by 5% in only 6 weeks.  And it doesn't even matter how well you perform the new skill; the resulting increase in brain power is the same regardless of your final competency level.
Researchers at Oxford University took 24 non-jugglers and asked 12 to learn to juggle.  The people who spent 30 minutes a day for 6 weeks trying to learn how to juggle, increased their brain's activity by 5% compared to the non-juggling learners.
It doesn't have to be juggling that you take up though to improve your brain.  You could start to learn the piano or master how to use excel.  It's the process of learning EVERY DAY that counts.
The only danger arrives from not taking action.  So take action now; give me a call on 0405 784071 to see how First Train can support you on your journey of learning and leadership.
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