Global Financial Crisis v. Mary Poppins

31 March 2009 09:31
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Is it a Global Financial Crisis or Mary Poppins all over again?
What has the Global Financial Crisis got to do with Mary Poppins, you're thinking?
Well, cast your mind back to that classic childhood film.  Mary Poppins became the nanny to the children of Mr. and Mrs. Banks.  Mr Banks was fired from his employment at the bank after he exposed his employer's aggressive banking investment strategy.  This caused a run on the banks money which forced the bank to suspend trading.  Sound familiar?
As Leaders, it's our job to analyse a situation and then instil confidence in our teams in order for them to continue being productive.  How's your Leadership style fairing in the "Global Financial Crisis"?
Let's start by looking at the words our politicians and media are using and see if they're instilling us with confidence.
Is the financial crisis global?  Australia's banking system has not had to be bailed out yet.  And Chile's President, Michelle Bachelet, is certainly relishing in the fact that they're cashed-up at the moment.  Maybe it makes those leaders affected by banking de-regulation feel better if they say it's global?
What sectors have been hit?  Certainly the financial sector has, but then governments are looking after the banks.  What about all the other industries where people are losing their jobs? Who's looking after them?
And how long can we live in a "crisis"?  If this economic downturn lasts for 10 years, that's going to be one long depressing world we're going to be living in.  Sounds like someone, somewhere is trying to stir up our emotions so they can make us feel so much better when it's all over.
Let's stop the scaremongering and call the current situation what it really is - a 21st Century economic downturn / recession.  
As a First Train Leader, we train you to keep calm and focussed in a "crisis" and then have the courage to move forward and be prepared to change direction when and if you need to.  We'll have you off flying your kite before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
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