"Eating al desko"? When did you last have lunch?

30 July 2008 01:28
Hi there,
I thought I'd share this article with you that I've recently read on the BBC website. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7530594.stm
This really struck a chord with me this evening.  The article appreciates the time-poor (and even space-poor) environment that we live our lives in
Whether we're a first time manager or a leader of industry, having time to think about the decisions we're asked to make each day, or even each hour, can be daunting without time.
As a Leadership Coach, I refuse to accept the reasoning "I didn't have time".  Time is the only guaranteed constant in life that we accept as being flexible:  "Didn't time fly" or "That dragged on".  Why do we perceive time as such then?
I believe it's to do with the VALUE we prioritise our tasks with.  How many of us can not drop everything when we receive that devastating phone call (God, forbid) when a family member passes away.  That usually overrides any meeting or to-do item that we have, and takes priority then and there.
What value do you put on your time on this planet?  How much value would an hour for you each week or fortnight add to your life?
With a Coach, you can be guaranteed to have that time out to think.  Like Barack Obama and David Cameron accomplished during their working day, you too can talk about your ideas and aspirations; the future of your team and where you want to be. It's your time to do with as you wish.
It's all about you at First Train.  We will support you in whatever capacity you like: personal, professional and leadership development.
Go on, give us a call for a free one hour coaching session.  You're not running a country (just yet!) ;-)
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