Dust Clouds & Leadership Lessons

22 April 2010 10:00
Dusting Down your Leadership Skills

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For nearly a week now, the air space over Europe has been closed down.  Millions of people have been stranded overseas waiting patiently to return home.  As the dust settles and the aviation industry starts to take off again, what lessons can we learn from the disruption that the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has caused?

The scenario
Last week, the world's most powerful woman, Angela Merkel, was caught off-guard and couldn't return to Germany by air.  She had to fly from Lisbon to Rome where she continued her journey home by car; a trip of 1,530km and which takes 14 hours.  Last week-end, the world's most powerful man, Barack Obama, was unable to attend the state funeral of the late Polish President.  What did Mr Obama do with this unexpected down time? He played golf.

As leaders, no matter how indispensable we think we are, we can only ever ensure that we are in charge of our situation.  To think that we are ever completely in control, as shown during the dust storm, is unrealistic.  What we do have control over though and what can set us apart is how we lead others through the situations we face.  In First Train's "3 S's to Successful Leadership" model, this notion mainly falls under the Succession banner.

What else happened?
The dust cloud has had devastating effects on many individuals around the globe.  To site a couple, Zambia's flower and vegetable industry is losing A$162,000 a day and having to destroy up to 150 tonnes of flowers per day.  In Japan, Nissan has suspended production of 3 models because the air pressure sensors are imported from the Irish Republic.

At First Train, we're confident that there are a few businesses around the globe re-thinking their strategic plans to include "unprecedented" situations now.  How would you survive if the unthinkable ever happened to you?  In our "3 S's to Successful Leadership" model, Strategy is our first S.

What can you do now?
There are many more things that have been and will be learnt from this unprecedented situation.

To receive more information about the Leadership Model mentioned above, you can either watch the video on our home page or contact me directly.  To receive support ensuring your business is "dust proof", then join one of our BoardRooms; the first 2 meetings are completely free to attend.

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