Can You Inspire Your Team? Yes, You Can!

20 August 2009 02:32
Good Afternoon,
The Inspirational Challenge
And welcome to a bright sunny week in Sydney for Leadership Development with First Train.
Where can we learn the skills to be a great leader and inspire our team?  There's no point trying to re-invent the wheel.  So let's have a look at the leaders of the biggest global organisations - Religion.
Imagine that every Monday morning, you had to stand up in front of your team to deliver a 15-20 minute address.  The purpose of this address is to inspire them so they go out and champion your work for you.
Every week, Rabbis, Imams and Priests have to do exactly that.
What would your address to your team contain?  How long would you spend thinking about your content?  How long would it take you to write?  It takes most religious leaders about 2-5 days of thinking time to come up with the direction for their subject.  And then about 5 to 8 hours to write it.
How much do you want to inspire your team?  How much time do you spend thinking and contemplating?
If you want to learn more about inspiring your team, then contact me on 0405 784071.  We can support you in becoming a successful leader through Coaching, Development and our new BoardRoom.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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