98% of statistics on the internet are false - lies, damned lies and statistics!

25 September 2017 11:48
We have all become consumers of information. To that end, we are now all highly expert in almost any subject that we find ourselves in the midst of. We are in the "Information Age". But what does that mean?
I have just returned from a trip to Myanmar (Burma). You may be aware that there is some unrest happening in the country at the moment. Without wanting to oversimplify the facts too greatly, there is a group of people in one of their states that is being persecuted or made homeless by the state or a terrorist organisation. The external organisations blame the government; the internal organisations blame the terrorist organisation (ARSA). Stalemate springs to mind. 
But how do we establish 'truth' from 'truth' these days, let alone truth from fiction?
Since forever and a day, it has always been recognised that one person's freedom fighter is another person's terrorist. Jesus was Pilate's terrorist; Che Guevara was Batista's terrorist; and Aung San Suu Kyi used to be Myanmar's military junta's terrorist.
So who do we believe?
Well, it's not simple. And it's not easy. It depends on whose side you want to be on after the outcome!
And that's the role of being a leader: picking the side that you want to be counted on, arguing for that position and, if the result is different than you advocated for, being willing to fall on your sword.

A leader always needs to be thinking a few steps ahead of themselves. Take Aung San Suu Kyi, for example. Her main objectives are for unity, democracy and peace within Myanmar. She has therefore made the decision to be criticised by the external global community, some of whom are well respected and her friends, rather than speak out and risk civil war within her country.

Not easy; not simple. And only time will tell whether she's made the right decision. One of the most balanced articles that I've read about the situation in Myanmar is this report from the Australian ABC News Corporation
Now, not all decisions that you take as a leader (should) result in such binary yes/ no answers, but the crucial ones will. And they will test you - have no doubt. (Editor: If these are weekly and on an ongoing basis, then we recommend you start looking for a new role or talking to your Chair about Board rejuvenation.)
Businesses survive and thrive on change. It is not something that, as leaders, we can or should shy away from. If you aren't thinking about what hurdles are around the corner for you personally and/or your organisation, then it could be questioned whether you are still being effective. 
Having someone external to your management and board structure who you can trust to bounce ideas around with - however contentious or controversial - is essential for a forward thinking, business expanding leader. That is how a Coach will benefit you and your organisation.
If this resonates with you, then now is the time for you to contact us at First Train to see how we can support you and your organisation's development and expansion. 
It's simple really; just click this link to e-mail Chris or call him direct on 0405 784071 to book a complimentary coaching session.

P.S. The heading to this article "98% of statistics on the internet are false" is a false statistic. It was used in irony to highlight the accompanying story. It is a demonstration of "click-bait" where an exaggerated, and possibly misleading, headline to a story encourages you to click on a link to a website to find out more. It is not First Train's writing policy to use "click-bait" headlines.

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