10 Steps for Taking Control of Your Life

18 September 2008 09:24
Good Morning,
Hope you're having a lovely week?
So who's in control of your life?  Is it your e-mails?  Your colleagues?  Your family and friends?  The RTA?  The government?
How would you feel if you were in charge of your own life and destination?  Well, here's First Train's 10 Point Plan for Getting Back Control of Your Life.
  1. Don't be a slave to your e-mails - turn them off when you need to get work done.
  2. Educate people to pick up the phone and call, particularly if it's urgent.
  3. Get rid of your Blackberry or iPhone - or alternatively have a simple mobile for YOUR evenings and week-ends!  You're not being paid for the time you spend on them outside your office time.
  4. Leave your mobile phone at home occasionally (easily achieved if it's accidental) - you'll get so much more work done!
  5. Think ahead.  Set your default calendar reminder for at least two days before an appointment and use the snooze facility.
  6. If you expect a meeting to last an hour, book out an hour and a half.  Don't rush yourself.
  7. Work out who you have in your life to support you - and don't be afraid of asking them for help ( they may be in need of your support too).
  8. Always have a bit of fun every day.
  9. Live in the here and now and be present when talking to people - get rid of your to-do-list (now that's scary, isn't it!).
  10. Get rid of things in your life that take away your energy.
  11. Never cancel on anybody - always re-schedule.  If you didn't want to see them in the first place, then don't schedule them in.
  12. Be honest.
  13. Make sure you enjoy what you do for a living - you spend so much time doing it you have to achieve a Fun / Life Balance.
  14. Get yourself a Coach to support you in achieving the above :-)
OK, so maybe there's a few more than 10!!  We just love sharing knowledge and exceeding your expectation. ;-)  We're all about H.O.P.E at First Train - Honesty, Openness, Personable and Equality.
To have a chat, debate or discussion about our 10 Point Plan, particularly if there's anything you disagree with, give Chris a call on 0405 784071 - he's the one that created it!
Or to get your first FREE 1 hour coaching session - with no obligation - booked in to start you on your journey of taking control of your life again, call now on 0405 784071.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Have fun
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