Don't wait until it's too late

25 November 2016 12:01
People often look for leadership coaching support when things aren't going according to plan or to expectations. Coaching is unfortunatly often a suggestion to the person in distress from a colleague, boss or friend.
And coaching does help in these situations. We can turn a person's performance around so that instead of the person or company wanting to part ways, they start to work together and create a culture of performance and learning.
But coaching is more than just a quick fix solution. It's about seeing clearly what's ahead, planning for different scenarios, keeping goals on track, and having an independent person to ask challenging questions and make you accountable. 
There's a reason that the professional world uses the same word as the sporting world. An olympic athlete or football team does not get rid of their coach when they start performing. They keep the coach on to ensure that they keep performing. 
Conversely, nearly every successful athlete will tell you that they wouldn't be where they are today without the support and encouragement of a sporting coach. Coaches believe in you, the people who can see your vision and take an objective view of challenges ahead.
Professional athletes need a coach in order to help analyse their performance, help them set targets and goals for their next competition, and someone to keep them on track and accountable.
It's lonely at the top. There are not many people who understand what you do, the amount of work that you actually put in, or see the passion that you have for your area of expertise.
Your coach is there to work with you and support you through the challenging times as well as encourage you through the good times.

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