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2 April 2008 10:07
Good Morning,
I trust you had a fun packed week-end?
Well, we're now on the home straight to the end of the financial year: the 30th of June is starting to creep into conversations.  If you're not schmoozing with your financial controller or accountant by now, it could be worth starting now.  They're pretty influential and can really help you both now and in the next financial year ;-)
So what are your goals for the end of the year?  Where do you see yourself heading, professionally and personally, into the next fiscal year?
The honest truth is that you're probably not quite sure.  You know you should be more focussed on the long-term objective in order to grow and develop, but there's just too much going on in the here and now to take time out for it.
First Train offers coaching to individuals and organisations.  We provide a confidential service to people who are in a particular position now and want to be in a more successful place some where down the track.  We can help you take that time out that you need now to look holistically at where you want to be in the future.
Coaching is ideal for people who want to explore their thoughts in a non-judgmental environment.  A coach will make you accountable for your progress and helps you put your ideas into a workable structure.  The key with coaching is that all the ideas that we come up with are your own;  you keep ownership of your progress and you take all the credit.  A successful coach is one who you don't realise is there helping you and someone who doesn't want the credit for your successes.
For a free initial chat about how coaching can benefit you, your life, your work and your relationships, call First Train on 02 8005 1360 or me direct on 0405 784071.
I look forward to being your silent partner.
P.S. Remember, confidentiality is GUARANTEED.

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