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10 February 2009 11:05
Good Morning,
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And welcome to February with First Train - Leaders in Coaching and Development.
First Train believes there are three types of people in life.  There are:
  1. those who are content with the way they are;
  2. those who want to learn and develop but require someone else to be responsible for their progress; and
  3. those who drive their own learning and development.
As well as a professional Leadership Developer, I'm also a trained musician - my principle instruments being Organ, Piano, Voice, Double Bass, Clarinet and Tuning Fork.  It was whilst I was giving a piano lesson recently that I drew the synonym between what I do in my coaching sessions with what I do during piano lessons.
The first similarity is that there must be a desire from the student to learn the piano.  
Secondly, the learner should be inspired by the teacher but the teacher can not play the notes for the student.  The teacher must remain objective and non-judgmental in order to keep them motivated otherwise their learning and growth may be hindered.
And thirdly, the student has to be willing to drive their own progress by putting in the practice between lessons.
Coaching provides you with the answers by tapping into your current knowledge base and experiences and making you think differently.  Just as the piano student knows they've played the wrong note, the teacher doesn't need to tell the student that but instead ask them how they would play it differently next time.
To be the leader of your own learning, growth and future, give me a call on 0405 784071 to find out how.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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