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16 November 2017
How can you tell if you're getting a good return on the money that you spend on coaching? Read more
25 November 2016
Coaching shouldn't be used just to resolve issues, it's best practice is when it's used to better situations. Read more
27 February 2014
Does the world we inhabit make it condusive to enjoying life? Read more
19 February 2009
"Coaching for less than $75 a week!", I hear you exclaim.  "That's less than I pay my personal trainer at the gym".  "How can you change my life for only that much?" Read more
10 February 2009
First Train believes there are three types of people in life.  There are:
  1. those who are content with the way they are;
  2. those who want to learn and develop but require someone else to be responsible for their progress; and
  3. those who drive their own learning and development.

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15 January 2009
OK, hands up if you made a New Year's resolution?  And keep them up if you've managed to stick to it so far? Hmmm . . .  Read more
10 December 2008
Are you thinking about a new job for the New Year? Read more
10 November 2008
And apologies for possibly being the first person in your life to mention Christmas this year!  But we have a special Christmas offer for all our clients and supporters that needs to be taken advantage of. Read more
30 October 2008
Adding Clarity
Apologies for any confusion over yesterday's e-mail.
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29 October 2008
Get your FREE 1 hour no obligation "Protecting Your Fiscal Future" coaching session with our Leading Coach, Christopher Brooks. Read more
25 September 2008
Today, in the First Train spirit of giving you H.O.P.E., we attempt to un-shroud some of the mystery of how much coaching actually costs. Read more
2 April 2008
Well, we're now on the home straight to the end of the financial year: the 30th of June is starting to creep into conversations.  If you're not schmoozing with your financial controller or accountant by now, it could be worth starting now.  They're pretty influential and can really help you both now and in the next financial year Read more

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