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3 April 2018
If you're a director of a charity, do you know what your governance duties entail? Read more
22 March 2018
Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant scientists to live. But it wasn't all plain sailing! Read more
28 February 2018
There are a lot of people out their calling themselves Coaches. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff in order to get the results you want?  Read more
17 January 2018

Everybody's busy. No matter who you talk to, everybody's busy.

Is it an excuse? Are we actually busy? Or can we train ourselves to take life in our stride and take back control of our lives?

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16 November 2017
How can you tell if you're getting a good return on the money that you spend on coaching? Read more
16 October 2017
Thinking differently to your peers was one of the championing rally cries at this year's AICD Essential Director's Update. But how do we find and recruit these people? Read more
25 September 2017
How do we delve through the deep mire of facts on the internet? Read more
13 March 2014
Some people love it; some people loathe it; we all have to network at some point in our lives though. So how do we do it?
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2 January 2013
If you are new to RSS feeds or just want a refresher about how this "Really Simple Syndication" works, then read on. Read more
3 October 2012
First Train has had a bit of a revamp and we are pleased to launch this new website. Read more

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