"Christopher Brooks is a person who has strong skills in communication, leadership and development capability.
Chris worked at Boehringer Ingelheim as an external consultant over a period of six weeks, developing leadership skills and turning around poor performance.
The employee thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris saying that they learnt useful skills and were better equipped to be able to perform their job at the end of the coaching period.
Chris built trust and rapport easily and was able to get results quickly. Chris is honest, dependable, and hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive consultant who is always striving to do more.
Chris’s knowledge and expertise in in developing leadership was a huge advantage to the individual and the team she managed.
I can confidently recommend Chris to join your team. I know that he will be a beneficial addition to your organization."

- Robert Gill, HR Business Partner, Boehringer-Ingelheim -

"I engaged the services of Christopher Brooks and First Train as part of my succession planning for two ‘high potential’ and valued employees. I felt both team members were excellent at their work, committed to the objectives and direction of Venues and Events and given some support, could develop into great managers. Where perhaps they lacked experience was in managing delegation and motivating teams through what was an immense growth and change period for the business. I also thought they could benefit from the personal development coaching Chris offers.

I asked my Managers to write a few words about their coaching experience:
"The sessions that I have spent with Chris have been really rewarding. With each session I feel motivated and reassured that I am heading in the right direction. He has helped with my professional and personal development, particularly with my self esteem, so that I remain confident as a team manager."
"Never having experienced a professional development coach, I was a little sceptical as to what it would do for me. Whether it's long term goals, or those everyday management issues, Chris coaches me to ascertain what it is I need to do to succeed, and without a doubt I walk away from our meetings feeling focused and in control."

- Bruce Ferguson, Director, University of New South Wales -

"I have been working with Christopher Brooks as a colleague and coaching client for the last 6 months now.
During this time Chris’ calm, warm professionalism has allowed him to ask powerful questions that have pushed me and challenged my way of thinking in order for me to produce amazing shifts forward.
His dedication and attitude to his clients, and support of his colleagues, is an invaluable attribute that has benefited me beyond my own expectation.
I am very proud of the significant positive changes that I have made in my personal and professional life and know that without Chris’ brilliant coaching this would not have occurred, and I would not be where I am today……thank you so much Chris!
I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone ready to make changes and reach their potential. "

- Louise Brown, Director, CCS Coaching -

"I engaged Chris to help me through a difficult time as I assessed my current role and began to look at future career goals. He created a relaxed yet focussed environment which enabled me to better understand my personal situation. Chris proactively challenged throughout. The results for me were excellent and I continue to use Chris."

- Simon Carr, GM Defence & Security, CSC Australia -

Training & Development

"Chris tailored a training program covering specific topics we had identified as areas of our business that needed improvement. His ability to plan, present and engage our team could only be described as excellent. His lively, and involving presentation style allowed for active involvement and retention from all our participants. We will be using Chris and First Train again for our training needs."

- Allan Carr, General Manager of Sales & Communication, Chippendale Printing -

"I attended a First Train one hour seminar on Motivation in Sydney on 6th February 2008. I found the session to be ideal for my needs. I had ample opportunities to interact with the trainer and other trainees. The format of a small group, in a bright, cheery learning environment helped me to participate actively. The session ran for one hour, comprised of lecture style delivery and practical exercises (brain storming, work shopping and feedback sessions). Early morning meeting time meant that I could structure my day with minimal impact to my other appointments. I look forward to future sessions with First Train and involving their expertise in my business and my professional development."

- John Neylon, Training and Development Officer, SmartSalary -

"Thanks for a great session, Chris. You demonstrated what can be achieved in a one-hour session to gain maximum value from attending. The session was relaxed, professional, compact and clear with everyone seeming to take-away something of value to them. Well done!"

- Melanie Wass, Training, Coach and Speaker, Natural Consulting -

"I found the training session with First Train to be of an excellent standard! Upon arrival I was welcomed to the session personally by Chris Brooks and introduced to other attendees which was really helpful. The content covered during the session was informative and presented in a professional way with an element of fun added. Overall I came away with much more information on the topic than I had an hour earlier! Great session Chris, I look forward to the next one."

- Laura Barratt, Consultant, GR Law -

The BoardRoom

"During a crucial period in the development of VictorsFood, I spent 6 months attending The BoardRoom, FirstTrain's ongoing series of group meetings designed for business people to share successes and challenges. This was incredibly useful for me to explore and decide the most important areas of the business to work on, to get ideas and encouragement from the other participants and to be held accountable to do what I said I would do. Chris provided the essential framework and facilitation for us all to get the most from the experience."

- Jim Bahr, Managing Director, VictorsFood -

"As the old saying goes “many hands make light work” , & like a breath of fresh air that’s exactly what I’ve been able to discover and experience thanks to The Boardroom – a new , innovative and collaborative resource founded by Chris Brooks. The Boardroom’s concepts and principles are based on team work, goal setting and collaboration of professionals who are wanting more for themselves and their business. For me, this very supportive coaching ‘network’ has enabled me to reach new heights in both my business and profession, which I doubt I would have achieved on my own. This has been possible because of the structure and nature of The Boardroom where each group member shares their goals and is supported with advice, education, contacts or/or experience by other members. It’s more than a social network, but social it still is! Why not benefit from the wisdom & support of new contacts and share the load. Christopher – thanks so much for discovering such a great resource!"

- Louise Brown, Coach Owner, CCS Coaching -

"Chris’s BoardRoom is a supportive networking group that brings like-minded business owners together to encourage members to achieve their business goals and to stay focused on their vision. Chris is a person of high integrity and commitment to bringing out the best in others. He freely gives of his time to support members and has a wealth of experience in business. I have benefitted greatly from the BoardRoom, as a sole business owner, keeping me focused and motivated to keep moving forward with my goals. Chris has an easy coaching style which helps his clients to face the tough questions about their business and to set action plans that make a difference. I liked the way Chris challenged my thinking and helped me with developing insight into how I could look at new ideas for marketing my business. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris and the BoardRoom."

- Carol Appleby, Director/Owner/Coaching Psychologist, Mindxcite® -

"It has been my pleasure to work with Chris on a voluntary basis at the SGLBA, to lend him a hand in his business when needed and recently to become a paying customer - a decision I wish I had made earlier. The First Train facilitated "Board Room" product is a simple but terrifically effective tool for the small business owner to hold themselves to account, develop ideas and push their business forward in an open and supportive environment. I'm pleased to recommend Chris Brooks and the services of First Train."

- Will Noble, Consultant Director, Ouvrir -


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