Refer a Friend and Never Pay for Coaching Again

Do you know someone who needs to take charge of their professional life? Are they struggling with workplace politics? Do they need to work on a vision for their company? Or do they run their own business?

Well our Refer a Friend program rewards you for referring somebody who signs up as a client with First Train.

How does it work?

For each person that you refer who becomes a First Train client, you'll receive a complimentary month of one-on-one coaching. That means that if you refer 12 people a year, that's a year of coaching that you'll receive completely free.

Do that every year and you'll never have to pay for coaching ever again.

To Refer a Friend (or colleague, or family member!), simply click on this e-mail link, replace the "to" e-mail address with your contacts e-mail address and edit the body of the e-mail. 

Our Clients

We love working with a wide variety of clients to help develop, train and build.

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